Symphony Band

Symphony Band is a full year course which meets daily. Emphasis is aesthetic education through strengthening of individual performance and musicianship skills; knowledge of music theory and its application to playing; and performance of literature suited to the ability of the group. Participation in chamber music ensembles to solidify musicianship skills occurs during the appropriate season. This course focuses on developing individual performance proficiency and musicianship.

Reference Recordings:

Armed Forces Salute:


King Across the Water:

Into the Storm:

Wind Ensemble

Prerequisite: Director placement.
Wind Ensemble is a full year course which meets daily. Through audition and director placement, players may select participation in Symphonic Orchestra. Emphasis is placed on aesthetic education through performing a wide variety of literature, including marches, popular music, orchestral transcriptions, and works conceived for wind band. Additional emphasis is placed on performance and musicianship skills and building an understanding of the historical context of literature. Participation in chamber ensembles and solo performance occurs during the appropriate season. Private lessons are highly recommended.

Symphony no. 3:

Star Wars:


Stars and Stripes Forever: